The restaurant has, since 2009, displayed a permanent exhibition from a trip to Malawi. The trip was organized by children’s rights group Plan Sweden. We had for some years been saving money to “my life’s journey.” For two weeks we traveled around and visited villages and schools where Plan Sweden was involved. Malawi is one of the poorest countries. I was very impressed with the Plan’s working methods. The funds are used in a very cost effective way. We have seen and heard adults and children talk about children’s rights organizations, water control projects, micro-loans, latrine projects and volunteers in their own country, etc The school project “Learn without Fear” is dear to our heart. We have, therefore, in collaboration with Plan Sweden raised money several times so that more and more children have the opportunity to also have the courage to go to school. Plan also helps to educate parents, children, town leaders and teachers, etc. on children’s rights. Children should not have to fear violence and abuse on their way to school. For a country to develop, children must dare to go to school, both girls and boys.

All children should be able to go to school.

We were very warmly and kindly welcomed to the schools and all the villages that we visited.

Learn without fear

In this particular school the children as well as principal and teacher tell us many more students dare to come to school after having started the project ”Learn Whitout Fear”.

A tin can with holes punched in the bottom makes the water drain slowly enough that you have time to wash using special drops. An invention that contributed to fewer diseases.

Plan Sweden