Over the years we have received a number of diplomas and scholarships.

1990 – Falköpings Newspaper, Westerberg Scholarship: for excellence in environmental conservation.
1991 – “Peace with the Earth” from Flory Gates fund for eco-growers
1992 – The County Board of Skaraborg
2004 – “Peace with the Earth” Florygate for solar energy
2004 – Falköpings Municipality’s Environmental Award.
2006 – Slow Food diploma.
2008 – “Golden Apple” Falköpings Food and Culture.
2009 – Slow Food diploma.
2010 – Slow Food diploma.
20l0 – Agricultural Society Skaraborg, for the promotion of food culture.
and more…

About a hundred reports from several countries are stored inside a trunk in our kitchen.