Treehouse supper

Our guests can further embellish their stay here with us by ordering ‘Trädhussupén’ (Tree house-supper) which is served 16.45. ‘Trädhussupén’ is served in our cozy barn restaurant located 100 / 300 meters from the hotels. The harmonious atmosphere is reflected in our guests who are happy to remain long after we finished eating.

The vegetables are organic, locally grown and fair trade. Both wine and beer is organic and in some cases even fair trade. The food served is made ​​from carefully selected ingredients. In the warmth of the fire your meal in served and the chef welcomes you to ask about the producers who helped with the meal ingredients. Treehouse Hotel guests are the only guests and served the best way. Slow Food at its best.

Supper is served at 16.45 and is pre-ordered when booking. Prices can be found here.

Queen Victoria’s favorite cake has a long history.

We use only organically-grown flour and endeavour to find other ingredients that are grown in the same way. Eg cinnamon, cocoa, oatmeal, etc.